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As experienced industry operators we know first-hand that every market is different with unique needs, challenges, and goals.  The Leap Forward Platform has been designed to provide our partners with the tools they need to launch custom shared mobility programs quickly, efficiently and succesfully.

At the core of this is reliable hardware and dependable software. We have developed cutting-edge technology, industry-leading fleet grade devices, and a comprehensive playbook for in-market operations.  We have a solution for all types of partners and want to work together to solve your challenges.
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  • Do you care about your community?

  • Do you want to launch a sustainable, profitable business?

  • Want to bring a transportation alternative to campus?

  • Do you want to decrease the amount of cars on campus?

  • Are you looking for an eco-friendly solution that's fun?

  • Are you trying to transform to a less car centric city?

  • Do you want to provide a safe, sustainable, customised solution to your city?

  • Do you want a partner who cares about safety and solving your challenges?

Residential Developments
  • Are you looking for an amenity for your residents?

  • Do you want to decrease the need for parking spaces on your property?

  • Do you want to provide your guests with a great way to explore?

  • Looking for a partner to provide a turn-key solution?

  • Looking for a branding opportunity around town?

Mobility Companies
  • Do you want to partner on operations, product or software?

  • Frog is all about collaboration so let's discuss how to make that happen.

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